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If you are a Vendor, Merchant, Store Owner, Restaurant or other business that's interested in fast delivery, designed to keep your fees unimaginably low, please click the Merchant link below to partner with us!

  • Retail

  • Beauty

  • Grocery

  • Pet Stores

  • Restaurants

  • Flower Shops

  • Convenience Stores 

  • & More!

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Drivers are paid ‘handsomely’! No penalt

Business Categories Served

Service Plans for Merchants

Below are our available service plans for merchants. Choose what works best for you

with confidence. Your bottom line is Backed by complete Bumprkar Transparency™!

*see details in our "Merchant Terms"


Bronze Plan

  • ​NO fees to Bumprkar*

  • No Monthly fee.

  • You decide customer refunds!

 -Are you a vendor that does not         have a brick & mortar business?

-Still grinding from your home or running a side business while you work?


...we get it! Jump on Bumprkar for FREE! Lets get your hustle up & running! We'll help you build your business.



Silver Plan
$1 per order

  • Only $1 per order paid to Bumprkar!

  • NO other fees to Bumprkar*

  • No Monthly fee.

  • You decide customer refunds!


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Gold Plan

  • Only $99.99 per month!

  • Unlimited orders!

  • Pay us Zero per order!

  • You decide customer refunds!

  • 1 Free 7-day marketing campaign annually!


Merchant: Login / Sign Up

Customer Service Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Unavailable

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